Eternal Hope Connection

helping others

Welcome to Eternal Hope Connection

We are a faith based nonprofit organization .At Eternal Hope Connection, as our name implies, we offer “Hope” to people when they don’t know where to turn. Secondly, we will attempt to help anyone who asks for help or is sent to us. We don’t any have barriers  when it comes to helping people. Thirdly, as our name implies, “Connection” means meeting people where they are.  We will go to those in need in the Tallahassee, Florida area .  They don’t have to come to us. We will spend time with them. We don’t just throw paperwork at them. When paperwork that will help them comes in from various nonprofit agencies we actually sit down with them and help them fill it out. Fourthly, we will try to get people the help they need any way that is legally possible. We feel that we make a difference in people’s lives by helping them obtain resource they don’t seem to be able to get on their own.